Amanda Bahraini (also known as Mandhut and Rainy Amanda) is the author of two self-published books: Amora Menolak Cinta (Amora Rejects Love, 2015) and My Love G (2016).

Curious is her secret middle name, for she’s a bit of everything and a lot of many things. She does illustration for fun, read obsessively, cook and sing at the same time, dance when nobody’s watching, a stealth comedian, a keen visitor of vocabulary.com and thesaurus.com, can’t live without her Spotify app, a long-time Broadway fan, maintain her blogging hobby in order to keep her mind in place, code when she have to, a movie-freak, a biology-nerd, a psychology know-it-all, and an immortal, for she believes that her writings shall keep her alive even long after she’s gone.

She used to divide her thoughts into several blogs (namely Racauan Manda, Tulisan Manda, Amanda Bahraini and many more), and now she finally made the ultimate one-for-all blog.

She was born in August 1986 and her latest MBTI personality test result is INFJ/INTJ.

Happy reading and thank you for dropping by!