Popped A Big Mind Pimple

Today I learned a lot about self-love.

I made one of the best decisions for myself, and not because I know that things will work just fine after I made it.

But because it will set me free from negative mindset that I have been having about myself.

Been thinking about the decision for years. Used to think the situations had me trapped in place. Used to think that there are responsibilities I need to bear. Promises I need to keep. But then I realize that it’s just meaningless things that I hold on to, just to fill a black hole in my mind and heart.

I left another thing that made me sad. I am closer to things that make me happy.

I thought that I would cry because I would regret my decision the minute I said it.

I did cry, but more of happiness. Happy to finally have a taste of that state of mind that I have been searching for all this time. 😀

I am Amanda Bahrai these days. Gonna add those two more syllables one day.

One day.