My Covid Diary – Week 2 & 3

My Covid Diary – Week 2 & 3

Lekas sembuh kak manda

Week 1 was chaos and hope.

Week 2 and Week 3 is all about finding a new routine and connecting to people around me in a way I never thought before.

Mom and Dad were in a turmoil in week 1 and week 2. Mom’s scared, Dad’s depressed. I needed to remind them from time to time that we have plans. Everything’s under control, and I’m on it. Someone’s monitoring us. I’m watching their oxygen saturation. We could go to the hospital when thing’s getting out of hand. They’re safe. We will go through this.

I told them to let me handle it, all I need from them is:

Mom: eat well, eat the medicine, trust me, follow my lead, don’t mad at me and my dad, don’t get sad, don’t watch scary news about covid.

Dad: reduce smoking (I asked him to stop smoking at week 3 because it’s slowing the recovery), and please tell me if he’s feeling unwell because I will faint myself if I see him fainting, don’t hide it, tell me, we don’t have time for introvert things right now.

We finally got my mom’s doctor on picture at week 2 (thanks to my sister, you go sister). He gave us a set of medicines for Mom. He gave my Mom Avigan for the virus, and then a set of vitamins not so different from mine and my Dad’s. Mom’s a little a bit calmer after that. She could still consume her routine medicines like before.

This is all the medicines that 3 people consume for the period of 3 weeks

On Monday, March 15th 2021 night, my sister sent me my Mom’s covid medicines. I cried a little before sleep. Like all my scary thoughts that I held out all that week came out and disappeared a bit. Things were getting a little bit better, though still unsure.

  • Finding medicines for me and my dad – checked
  • Making sure that self-isolation is doable and nobody would sue us for it – checked
  • Contacting my Mom’s doctor – checked
  • Getting medicines for My Mom – checked
  • Having a plan and money if we need to go to the ER – checked
  • Making sure that food and medicines are enough for the duration of our self-isolation period – checked

All I need to do right now was to watch my Mom and Dad’s oxygen saturation, get them to take the medicines, eat well, sleep well, disinfect well, and preparing myself if I have to drive one of them to the ER. All while trying to keep up with work because I cannot delegate some of my tasks and although my mind’s very hazy during those 2 weeks (I cannot work well, I cannot think), it’s so great to listen to my colleagues’ voices.

And there’s a chance that I might die of this virus too, so yes, talking with people was a really great distraction.

Symptoms come and go. I’m the only one who lost smell and taste. We all experienced abdominal pain, just 3 days top. Not so hurt, but it’s there. I got sweaty. My Dad’s head hurt for 2 weeks straight. Thankfully, Mom’s breaths are fine, me and my Dad were experiencing some trouble breathing, usually at nights. But oxygen saturation status were always great.

Emotional Support

Lekas sembuh kak manda
My colleague sent me fruit along with the card 🙂

So I contacted my step sister, Alfi, my step Dad’s daughter, because I need her to know the situation and be my discussion partner regarding Mom and Dad’s condition. My cousin Ombing was also getting me through it. Two of my colleagues who also got Covid at almost the same time were in contact with me so I could exchange information and remind myself that people were getting better out there. And I also told Asropil at that March 15th, 2021, because he need to know what states I’m in.

I wanted to tell my uncle and auntie, but I don’t want to make them sad and worry, we just lost someone’s important to our family due to covid 2 months before, so I decided to postpone it until things are getting way better.

I need to be strong and that’s why I need my support system, and if before I was really shy and undemanding about it. Now that there’s a chance that me, my Mom, and my Dad, will not survive, I don’t have time to be shy.

I f*ckin asked for emotional support. And d*mn it felt great.

So they were there for me. My colleagues sent me fruit and milk (thank you guys). Jiten sent me martabak tipker. My older sister sent food for Mom: chicken’s liver and cow’s liver. My younger sister sent me crackers. I never thought that all this time, I’ve been surrounded by such nice people, someone who loves me and my family.

So that’s how I spent my days on week 2 and week 3. Kept reassuring my Mom and Dad that they are safe. Sunbathed the three of us. Ate well. Slept well. Ate medicines. Discussed things with my sisters, cousin, and Asropil. Working ineffectively.

Enjoying my healthy food under the morning sun – at the end of week 3 if I’m not mistaken

Good News

And then finally we get the good news:

Me, my Dad, my Mom was officially free of COVID-19 (through a proper PCR swab test) at March 31, 2021. We know this wasn’t mean that we’re safe. We’ve been lucky. We’ve been really really lucky.

We are so lucky.