Humans from the Eyes of Vonnadorian,

Humans from the Eyes of Vonnadorian,

Imagine the irony of when an alien feels more human than the human, and that’s what I’ve been thinking the whole time I’m reading The Humans by Matt Haig.

So, one of earth’s smartest, a mathematician, Professor Andrew Martin, successfully unlocked the complicated equation of prime numbers, which is said to be the main key to a much-advanced civilization. A race of aliens called Vonnadorians believed that human beings, with all their flaws and tendency to destroy everything they touch, would only use the precious knowledge to bring future destruction and chaos to the entire galaxies. So the Vonnadorians decided to immediately erase the findings and stealthily annihilate every human that is connected or exposed by the information, starting from the Professor himself. A spy alien, disguising as Professor Andrew Martin, was sent to earth to complete the mission–or so the Vonnadorians thought–but the blue planet and its inhabitants, once again, able to show our extra-terrestrial guest of how flawed and at the same time, how beautiful a life on earth could be.

And so the dilemmas and dramas begin.

A nice reading for all the feelers and thinkers out there. I am a big fan of scientific explanation, and this novel has its way to combine the dramatic touchy-feely parts with the straight-faced science facts, and that’s why I like it so much. I love it.

It is best to be read between your busy schedules, or when life feels hard and soul-less. Let the hero alien patches your broken parts, reminds you of what being human is all about, and re-builds your trust.


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